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About Us

About Us

Pursuing agro-business, UKB witnessed tremendous success in other trades in the year 1958. Continuous and speedy growth in all trades, allowed UKB to venture into the domain of electronics in 1996. From that time, UKB has never looked back. Today, it is manufacturing, exporting and supplying Power Cords Assembly, Lamp Holders, Power Cords and allied products.

From the time of inception in 1996, UKB Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has remarkably outpaced its rivals by proffering top-grade electronic products throughout the world. In the past couple of decades, UKB is providing avant-garde products such as Power Cords Assembly, Lamp Holders, Power Cords, Connectors, PCB Assemblies, Lamp Holders, Data Cables, Remotes, Wires, Wire Harness and others.

Using innovative techniques, we fabricate these products and assure their adherence to quality. At UKB Electronics, we follow safety standards that are as per our reputation. Its manufacturing units are located at Delhi, Noida, Pune, Goa and Chennai. Owing to its fast growth, UKB aims to regime the global market after making its identity nationally.

Why is UKB different?

UKB Electronics Pvt. Ltd.. prides itself in adhering to strict quality standards for manufacturing Consumer Electronic Products. Its motto, “Commitment to Quality and Client Satisfaction”, has not only attributed to the expansion of the group but also instilled trust and respects in its clients.

For production of Power Cords Assembly, Lamp Holders, Power Cords, UKB uses its advanced technical expertise so as to deliver a quality product. This ensures product robustness, product durability and product satisfaction. UKB is always in a constant pursuit for perfection and that is why provides technically advanced infrastructure for its experienced team of engineers. Stacked with many accreditation, UKB has finally succeeded in making its presence felt around the globe.

UKB also places its priorities in keeping the environment clean as the organization comprises of responsible human beings. Being a green company, UKB Electronics does everything in its power to shrink the carbon footprint which is a major threat to the planet.

Why UKB Electronics?
When it comes to owing huge variety of safety and quality awards, then UKB is the only company in India. The company has also acquired national recognition in the domain of producing products along with serving its domestic and international customers.

The products UKB offers are quality certified. Each product such as Power Cords Assembly, Lamp Holders, Power Cords, etc, can be matched with at least one of the quality standards, for example, UL817, UL758, UL62, UL1581, IS694, IS1293, IEC60320, IEC60227 and BS1363/A.

UKB specializes in delivering custom made products without sacrificing customer’s time and product quality.

UKB Electronics is known all over the world for its services and products. Its products are durable; thermally stable, consumes less power, and has high insulation resistance. You may not have realized it as yet, but UKB Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has already entered your homes and offices making your life much easier. UKB is finally here.